Faith, Love, Smile

IMG_2592 renee by herself

My wife of 30 years, my friend, my lover, passed away this last Saturday afternoon. Renee Sue battled breast cancer for 15 years, to the point of her body saying, ” OK, THAT’S ENOUGH! Let’s go home!” She literally went peacefully in her sleep, most likely breathing/lung issues.

My one regret, after being by her side for so many struggles; I was not holding her hand when she left this mortal coil.

I had been up with her for around 30 hours, and I thought she was doing okay. I went into the next room to take a nap; woke up a couple of hours later to check on her, and she was gone.

All that to say, don’t take your loved ones for granted; cherish & love them to the best of your ability, then have FAITH and SMILE about everything else.

That’s what my love did; Faith, Love, Smile… She actually had a grin on her face.

See you later, my love; eventually, I’ll be alongside you again…

Paul John

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